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    The Med School Admissions Expert

    A graduate of Yale with highest honors and current Medical Student, Alex has helped hundreds of students get admitted to the colleges of their choice. Now he brings his expertise to the Medical School Admissions process, helping students and their families from across the nation apply and get admitted to their dream medical schools.

  • Settle for the Best

    Alex has helped hundreds of students achieve their best college prep, from selecting appropriate coursework in High School to securing straight A's and 5's on their AP examinations, putting a college list together, writing winning Personal Statements, and mock interviewing candidates. Over the course of his years counseling students and their parents, he has seen the college application process become ever exponentially more competitive. Having recently and successfully applied to medical school himself, he now offers his consulting services catered to the even more competitive and draconian process of applying to Medical Schools.

  • Why pick Alex as your admissions consultant?

    I have been consulting with families and helping students get admitted to the colleges of their dreams for the better part of the last decade, first through various nationally established tutoring companies, then through my own tutoring service Ivy Tutors.


    Whilst applying to medical schools, I was surprised by the dearth of assistance and lack of services available for students applying to medical & allied health Schools. I was on my own and had to rely on my instincts to write my Personal Statement, pick a list of Schools to apply to, fill out all of my secondaries, and prepare for the all-important interviews.


    I was privileged enough not only to get admitted to several Medical Schools, but also to be offered hundreds of thousands of dollars in merit-based scholarships. Then it dawned upon me: why not offer the same college admissions services I have developed expertise in and a reputation for, but specifically targeted to the unique vagaries of the Med School Admissions process?


    Hence the Med School Admissions Expert was born. I hope I can win your trust, and look forward to assisting you at every step of the way in your journey to applying to medical schools.


    Med School Admissions Consulting At Every Step

    Alex will assist you at every step of the way: as early as your first year of college with selecting the appropriate medical college coursework and applying to summer Research opportunities, as late as in the very last stages of your Med School application process when you seek advice to choose which Medical School to attend amongst the ones that admitted you. And in between, Alex can assist you with putting together a winning AMCAS app, writing your Personal Statement, selecting which Medical Schools to apply to, and, of course, prepping you for the all-important Medical School interviews.


    Medical School Application List

    Applying to Medical School is a lot like applying to college... except harder and more confusing. I can help you elucidate the difference between Private and State Schools, New Medical Schools, and Mission-Based Schools. Based on your strengths and professional interests, I'll make sure you apply to Medical Schools that seek the kind of candidate that you are. We will come up together with a realistic list that maximizes your chances of success when applying to Medical Schools.


    College Premedical Coursework Advising

    It is not enough to take just the basic premedical prerequisites for medical school. I can assist you with picking your coursework over four years, including classes that will best prepare you for the MCAT and for success once in Medical School. Many Medical Schools have altered their premedical requirements in recent years - I'll help you navigate their new and often confusing requirements.


    Summer Research Opportunities

    I can not only help you find relevant summer research opportunities, but assist you in applying to them, including writing the application essays you need to secure those important positions.


    Premedical Postbacc Application Process

    Being a non-traditional applicant to Medical Schools myself, I can help you find and apply to the right post-bac programs for you. We'll go over the difference between GPA-enhancing and career-changer postbacc's, Special Masters Programs, and what are the best options for your own specific situation.


    Personal Statement Advising

    The Personal Statement is an integral part of the Med School Admissions Process. Each person, each applicant has a unique voice and story that Admissions Committees are interested in hearing. Together, we will tap into your unique set of experiences, interests and values to create a memorable statement that differentiates you from the pack and accurately represents your personality and professional and educational goals.


    Mock Interview Prep

    The interview is, perhaps single-handedly, the most important factor in getting admitted to Medical Schools (apart from grades and the MCAT of course). Yet most applicants tend to underestimate its importance and under-prepare for it. The interview can make or break your chances of getting into a Medical School. I cannot overemphasize this enough. Because I have underwent every type of Med School Interview (one-on-one, MMI, Mock Standardized Patient, Ethics-based, etc.), I can help prepare you for every scenario imaginable. I also have extensive materials to mock interview you, honing in on the particular areas where you can most improve your presentation, demeanor, and delivery.

  • Why do I need assistance with the Medical School Admissions process?

    The Medical School Application process has become increasingly competitive in recent years, with the number of both applicants and applications nearly doubling over the past two decades. It is now more difficult to get into any given Medical School than into Harvard and Yale, with most Schools having a less-than-2% admissions rate. What's more, Schools are seeking ever more diverse and accomplished applicants. It is no longer enough to be at the top of your graduating college class and secure a sky-high MCAT score - though both of those are still prerequisites for success: Medical Schools seek candidates who will differentiate themselves from the pack, exhibit qualities of a twenty-first-century physician, and demonstrate the potential to become leaders in their fields.

    What qualifies you to serve as a Medical School Consultant?

    Aside from my multi-year experience counseling families with the college application process, I believe my forefront qualification is that I not only recently went through the Medical School Application process myself, but I interviewed at some of the nation's best and leading Medical Schools - including Top 10 and Ivy League institutions - and was accepted to multiple Schools, in addition to being offered significant merit-based Scholarships. I have direct and hands-on experience with the application process, having applied to and interviewed at a variety of different Medical Schools, including Private, Public and Newly Established Schools.

    Is Skype consulting as effective as meeting in person?

    Absolutely. Meeting through video conferencing has allowed me to assist students and families across the nation, wherever they are. If you prefer to meet in person, some families have flown me in for intensive days-long consulting, during which we can, together, fill and fulfill every aspect of the application process, ideally when you are off from School, such as Summer or Winter break.

    I am a non-traditional applicant. Can you help me with applying to postbacc's?

    Yes! I was a non-trad too. The post-bacc program application process is almost as convoluted as the process of applying to Medical Schools, and requires writing several essays and interviewing at every program. I can not only help you with this process, but help you put your best foot forward and present the best image of yourself as an applicant as possible, as well as help select an appropriate list of post-bacc programs to apply to, and elucidate the difference between career-changer and GPA-enhancing programs.

    Does Alex also teach the MCAT?

    Yes. Many of the students I assist elect to enlist me for their MCAT prep. I have extensive experience teaching the MCAT, including helping develop ExamKrackers' new suite of Test Prep products for MCAT2016. I teach all 4 sections of the new MCAT using a variety of every set of materials available: the Official AAMC materials, ExamKrackers, Berkeley Review, TPR, Kaplan, and others. I pick the best true-and-proven passages from each publisher, and will put together a personalized plan that caters to improving your weak areas and allowing you to get the MCAT score you are able of achieving.

    How many hours of advising will I need?

    This varies greatly with each applicant. It could be anywhere from 2 to 50+ hours. I have assisted students with just portions of the application process, in which case you can expect to need less than 10 hours, while I have helped others with the entire process, including mock-interviewing and post-interview feedback. I am flexible and want to help you any way that I can, so I do not impose hours minimums and can work within your needs and expectations.

    There are some counsellors who have been doing this for 30 years. Why pick you?

    It is true that a handful of Admissions Consultants are older. The issue is that the Medical School application process has grown drastically more competitive over the last decade, as well as changed and become more complex. It's no longer enough to have good grades and a strong MCAT score: Medical Students now seek diverse applicants with compelling life stories and motivations for entering medicine, unique life experiences, and a track record of accomplishments and leadership. Having recently gone through the process myself, I am uniquely attuned to help you achieve your goals and inform you about the current process of applying to Medical Schools.

    I applied before but was denied. Do you assist reapplicants?

    Yes. Many students do not get into Medical School on their first try. However, if that's the case, then you need to craft your reapplication with even greater care. I will advise you on that process, as well as picking out relevant experiences to enhance your application, and counsel you on the right time when to reapply.

    Do you assist with dual degree programs?

    Yes. I was accepted to a dual MD/MPH program myself. I can assist you with applying to MD/MPH, MD/MBA, MSTP and other dual degree programs.

    How long are sessions?

    I have a two-hour session minimum for every advising session. When working on the Personal Statement and Mock Interviewing, sessions can be much longer as needed.

    I have other questions not answered here. How can I contact you?

    By using the Contact Form at the bottom of this page. Tell me more about your needs and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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